4 Places to Get Your Fresh Local Turkeys for Thanksgiving!

Ernst Farm Turkeys in Ann Arbor

The Ernst family farm (in addition to chickens) has fresh turkeys on offer. They are Broad-breasted Whites and will be in the range of 20-25 lbs. dressed. They are $2.00/lb. and can be picked up at the Farmer’s Market on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving from 7am – 12pm. Or, they can be picked up at the Ernst Farm at 9440 Spies Rd. west of Ann Arbor that afternoon, by prior arrangement.

Call Ernst Farm at: 734-662-8085

Or see Mrs. Ernst at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.

Aric VanNatter Turkeys in Dexter

Aric has heritage Naragansett turkeys. They are fed natural soy, corn, oats, minerals, and fish meal for protein. They are outside on pasture and moved around every week.

Aric grows about 25 turkeys that he processes himself on his farm. They are $5/lb. and will be around 15-16 lbs. dressed. There will also be some smaller ones. Order now. He has about 10-12 turkeys remaining.

Call – 734-426-7932

Email – ajvann@sbcglobal.net

Aric will give a call the week before Thanksgiving about when to pick up the fresh birds. Turkeys will be ready for pickup Monday Nov. 19th, or Tuesday Nov. 20th at 6359 Joy Rd., in Dexter between Zeeb and Mast Rds.

You can also find Aric at the Dexter Farmer’s Market. He will have fresh chickens in the spring, but has frozen ones now. They are $2.25/lb. and approximately 4 and a half pounds. He will have fresh eggs again soon.

Bob and Carol Fletcher in Ann Arbor: Turkeys available at Morgan and York

From the Morgan and York website:

“Fletcher Farm Turkeys are Back! Back this year by popular demand, we are offering Fletcher Farm turkeys. Raised organically and free-range by Bob and Carol Fletcher at their family farm on Zeeb Rd at the west end of town.

Orders will be accepted through Friday, November 16 until 4PM as supplies last. Your turkey will arrive fresh, not frozen, and will be available for pick-up at the store on Wednesday, November 21 starting at 9AM.

These birds are available in a range of sizes, but please note that these are true agricultural products and some variation in weight is unavoidable. Please place your order in person at the store, or by phone.

Call: 734-662-0798

Local Free-Range Organic Fletcher Turkeys – $7/lb. Available sizes:

18-22 pounds

22-26 pounds

26 pounds or more”

John Harnois Turkeys near Pinckney

See more information about John Harnois Turkeys

John Harnois has heritage Naragansetts ($8/lb.) and also conventional Broad-breasted White turkeys ($3.50/lb.). They have been raised exactly the same way, with natural feed, outdoors in the day time and inside at night.

To order your turkey from John, email: harnoishappyhens@gmail.com

Send your name, address, phone number and whether you’d prefer a heritage or conventional bird. Also indicate whether you’d like a small (8-12lb.) or large (13-18lb.) bird. Size is not guaranteed, but John will accommodate as best he can.

The turkeys will be available for pick-up the weekend before Thanksgiving. For questions, email (above address) or give Kelly Dunham a call at 734-761-2333.