Slow Food Monthly Slowcial
6:00 PM18:00

Slow Food Monthly Slowcial

April’s Theme: Local Seeds - Eric Kampe (Ann Arbor Seed Co.) and Erica Kempter (Nature & Nurture Seeds) will be on hand to chat or share their wares!

April’s Seasonal Highlight Ingredient: complimentary snacks will include spring salads/greens!

Join us for our new monthly “Slowcial” gathering! What is a Slowcial? It’s a way to celebrate and learn about - and over - food! No experience required. Each month, we’ll invite a different food-focused organization to join us so you can learn about their work as well as our work as a Slow Food chapter. We’ll also pick a seasonal food and bring a few dishes to share that feature that ingredient.

Have particular questions about the local-food system? New to the area and want to chat about local CSAs or grocery options? Or just craving a good snack and company? Come spend an hour with us each month while we do just that! Slowcials are free and open to the public. As we plan ahead for the next year, we’ll keep you up-to-date about each month’s partner organization and seasonal ingredient highlight.

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