Slow Food Huron Valley Recommends...

As a local chapter of the international Slow Food organization, we follow the charter to promote “good, clean, and fair” food for all. In this context:

  • good indicates food that is tasty, fresh and healthy for you
  • clean is food that is grown in ways that contribute to biodiversity and do not degrade our ecosystems
  • ir means that, from farm to table, workers are paid a living wage and are treated with dignity, and that animals are treated humanely

Increasingly, we emphasize local sourcing as an aspect of community food security in a world facing climate change. As part of our educational mission, we want to provide resources for people to find and learn about the excellent farms, restaurants, artisans, and small scale producers in our area. And we want to highlight businesses that practice Slow Food principles! Read on to find a few of our picks (these are not formal endorsements, but rather a list of establishments that we think espouse Slow Food values):